About us

Tesoros Maya Co. is a small company based in Dripping Springs, Texas working directly with Guatemalan indigenous family businesses to source newly woven and vintage Guatemalan fabrics and accessories.

My name is Angelica, I am the founder of Tesoros Maya Co. I am a Chapina (Guatemalan) born and raised. When I was 10, my mother decided to chase the American dream and transplanted my siblings and me into the American lifestyle. I am a mother and a wife, with a long standing desire to honor my Maya ancestry. Tesoros Maya was born as a legacy to my children; a platform to instill a sense of pride and honor for my colorful Maya culture and its traditions.

At the same time, I am honored to use this platform to empower Guatemalan women and their families by providing them with a fair wage and sustainable income.  And just like you and me, these women are following their dreams of being self-sufficient entrepreneurs and giving their family a life filled with prosperity and peace. Tesoros Maya provides them a venue to sell their work directly to you.

As a mother, I am making it my personal mission to teach my children the beauty and true meaning of hand-made and artisan-made. We work alongside artisans, crafts-people, and talented weavers in Guatemala to preserve traditional techniques and provide an outlet for them to sell their goods. My goal is that your children, along with mine, are able to appreciate and differentiate handmade from factory-made toys and gifts.

My goal is that our children learn that their purchasing choices have power!


I am most grateful for this opportunity and the ability to showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of the Maya world, and to you, for supporting this ongoing effort to empower indigenous communities in Guatemala through fair trade practices.

Thank you for your support and for joining our family on this journey!