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Natural Dye Poncho - Pink (SMALL)

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This stunning Shimmery Gray Poncho is the creation of a women’s co-operative in Guatemala;Textiles Xocomil, a family of master weavers in San Juan La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala. Tesoros Maya is proud to partner with them to bring traditional hand-made textiles to the global market and at the same time your purchase helps preserve our commitment to ethical practices and helps provide steady employment to the Xocomil family weavers that proudly handmade this piece of art for you.

To create this pattern, known locally as jaspe, but more broadly referred to as the Ikat technique, artisans tie hundreds of very small strings in knots around thread bundles, then place the bundles in dye before weaving.

A conflagration of colors come together to form this beautiful wrap. Created by cutting in half a rayon and cotton shawl, and then sewing the halves together to form a poncho or mañanera. No need for buttons or zippers as it slides easily over the head. Front and back sides are reversible and the poncho can even be slipped sideways for a different look.

Textiles Xocomil artisans use locally sourced plants and herbs to create dye baths that they apply to cotton or rayon threads. They use a banana tree trunk solution to fix the color and help stabilize the dye, ensuring the color will never run.

  • Poncho Dimensions:
    • Neck-hole 32”. Width across front at widest part 40”. Length at bottom of “V” 36”
  • One size fits most
  • Material: Cotton & Silky Rayon
  • Colors: White and Silky Pink
  • Care: Gently wash by hand in cool water, line dry.
  • Backstrap Loom Woven
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